Sildenafil’s Impact on Fertility and Reproductive Health

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Sildenafil and Fertility

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a common sexual problem in men or Assigned Males at Birth (AMAB).

ED is an inability of men or AMAB to get or maintain a firm erection.

Sildenafil, popularly known as Viagra, is an effective treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

There is a growing interest in understanding Sildenafil’s impact on male fertility.

Male fertility refers to a man’s ability to impregnate a female partner. The quality, quantity, and functionality of the sperm cells determine it. 

Other factors like hormones, genetics, and erectile function are also key factors of male fertility.

So, this article will explore the impact of Sildenafil on male fertility. It will also discuss its effects on female fertility. 

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Sildenafil’s impact on male fertility

The impact of Sildenafil (Viagra) on male fertility is a topic of ongoing research. 

Sildenafil has undergone extensive research to determine its potential effects on fertility. 

But most of the research on this subject is contradictory and inconclusive. 

Nonetheless, we have discussed some key points highlighting Sildenafil’s impact on male fertility. 

Understanding sperm parameters

Sperm parameters are also known as semen parameters. They are the characteristics that assess the quality and fertility potential of sperm.

These parameters include sperm motility, count, quality, and morphology (shape). They play a crucial role in male fertility.

As per a study, Sildenafil does not alter semen parameters. Instead, it may affect them in a positive way. It has shown positive effects on sperm motility and quality, says Urological Science. 

But these studies are not enough to confirm Sildenafil’s effects on sperm parameters. 

More extensive research is necessary to understand Sildenafil’s implications on male fertility fully.

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Hormonal balance and reproductive health

Hormones play a crucial role in the process of male fertility. 

Testosterone, Luteinizing Hormone (LH), and Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) are important hormones in regulating males’ fertility. 

A study found that Sildenafil (Viagra) can increase testosterone levels in men. But, at the same time, it decreases LH, which is involved in testosterone production. 

These findings mean that Sildenafil may directly impact the testis. This leads to increased testosterone production. 

But, studies focused on Sildenafil’s effects on Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) are limited. Most of the research is around testosterone and LH.

So, consult a doctor to understand the hormonal effects of Sildenafil on fertility. 

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  • Role of erectile function

    Erectile function is one of the main parts of male reproductive anatomy. It plays a critical role in male fertility. 

    Sildenafil (Viagra) is a medicine that helps improve erectile function in men.

    It acts as a vasodilator which dilates the penile blood vessels. This increases blood flow to the penis. Thus, helping men in getting and maintaining a form erection throughout sexual activity. 

    This action mechanism may also affect other parts of the male reproductive anatomy. 

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    The existing research on the impact of Sildenafil on reproductive anatomy is limited. Most studies have been conducted under specific experimental conditions. Thus, further research is necessary to understand how Sildenafil impacts fertility. 

    Genetic Factors

    Genetic factors are a significant part of male fertility. 

    Sildenafil does not influence genetic factors related to male fertility.

    Sildenafil’s impact on women’s fertility

    Pregnancy test kitSource: karn684_from_Getty_Images
    Pregnancy test kit

    Sildenafil has a positive impact on the fertility of women. 

    As per a 2020 study, Sildenafil increases the chances of a successful pregnancy. 

    It does this by improving blood flow to the uterus and thickening the endometrium (lining of the uterus). Sildenafil stimulates the hormone estrogen, which promotes the growth of the endometrial lining.

    As a result, Sildenafil can be an effective treatment option for women’s fertility.

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    Do not indulge yourself in self-medication. Sildenafil is a prescription-based medicine. Do not take it without consulting a doctor. 


    In summary, Sildenafil does not adversely affect male and female fertility. In fact, it improves some factors of male fertility. 

    But further research is needed for reliable results.

    Even though Sildenafil shows improvements in sperm parameters and testosterone levels, the overall impact remains uncertain. 

    It is necessary to recognize that individual responses can vary. 

    Thus, it is advisable to consult a doctor for individualized guidance. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Sildenafil affect sperm motility?

    A study suggested that Sildenafil improves sperm motility in men. It does this by inhibiting the activity of PDE (other than type 5) and increasing cAMP levels. This mechanism changes certain proteins, which results in improved sperm motility. But, further research is necessary to confirm these findings.

    Does Sildenafil affect sperm count?

    There is no solid evidence to suggest the potential effects of Sildenafil on sperm count. There have been studies showing Sildenafil’s positive effects on sperm parameters. These include sperm motility, sperm quality, and sperm production. But, its specific impact on sperm count remains uncertain.

    Is Sildenafil good for sperm?

    As per Urological Science, a 100mg dose of Sildenafil increased sperm motility in men. But a lower dose of Sildenafil had no effects on the motility of sperm. It means dose-dependent Sildenafil is good for sperm. 

    Does Sildenafil affect male fertility?

    No, there is no evidence that shows Sildenafil is reducing male fertility. In fact, according to several studies, Sildenafil has positively impacted male fertility. It improves semen parameters and increases the levels of testosterone.

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