How to Get Rid of Worms and Parasites in Humans Without Medication?

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If you want to know how to get rid of worms and parasites in humans naturally and without medication, you’ve come to the right place.

Intestinal worms, also called helminths, infest the human body and feed off of it.

These tiny creatures can cause discomfort and lead to severe health hazards.

Worms can induce malnutrition, anemia, intestinal blockages, and other gastrointestinal problems.

Therefore it is essential to get rid of worms if they infest your stomach.

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Ample research has been done in this field since it affects many people.

Therefore, check with your doctor immediately if you have any symptoms (discussed below in this article) that point straight towards these worms.

Your healthcare provider can treat intestinal worms with various medicines, including Zentel (Albendazole), Ivermectin, and Mebendazole.

Getting rid of worms in humans without any medication has its limitations.

Natural dewormers for humans are limited, and minimal studies are available in this arena.

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Symptoms of intestinal parasites

Are you unsure if you have intestinal parasites lurking in your stomach? Don’t panic.

Here are a few telltale signs that you have intestinal parasites:-

  1. Stomach pain
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Dysentery (loose motions accompanied by blood and mucus)
  4. Gas or bloating
  5. Feeling tired
  6. Dizziness and Nausea

You can visit your healthcare provider and consult about the same if you have any symptoms.

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Natural dewormers for humans


Natural dewormers can be your best bet to eliminate worms in humans without medication.

Although, you should keep in mind that medical research is little on natural dewormers for humans. 

Therefore, there is little evidence that these foods will work for you. 

Foods like papaya seeds and garlic might help kill intestinal parasites in your stomach.

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There was a study conducted on sixty children in Nigeria. 

According to the researchers, 71 percent of children who received papaya seeds had parasites cleared from their stool.

Foods rich in Berberine can also be natural dewormers for humans.

We can trace Berberine’s use back to ancient Ayurveda and Chinese medicinal practices. 

It is an alkaloid present in goldenseal, barberry, tree turmeric, and golden thread. 

Good bacteria present in curd can fight against these worms. 

There are a lot of other food options that might help you deworm. 

You can read our article on 7 Foods That Kill Intestinal Parasites in Humans for more information. 

Natural remedies to get rid of parasites

Various natural remedies can help you cure or block intestinal parasites altogether.  

Most of these remedies mentioned below are very easy to follow:

Drinking clean water

It might be tempting for you to drink water directly from a river but think twice before doing so.

Although, the water from freshwater lakes and rivers can contain live parasites and eggs.

The reason for this is the marshes that thrive near freshwater sources.

Hence, only clean water is meant for drinking and cooking.

Drinking clean water can also help your bowel movement and clean your stomach.

Don’t eat uncooked meat

A significant chunk of cases related to intestinal parasites in the US directly results from uncooked food.

If an animal becomes infected with intestinal parasites and you eat it, your stomach may get infected.

Pro-tip: As Gordon Ramsay has been insisting for years, do not keep raw meat with cooked meat in the same container as this can cause cross-contamination.

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Traveling tips

If you travel to a developing country, you should take extra precautions to avoid bringing intestinal worms back home.

In addition, consume only bottled or filtered water.

Avoid eating street food as much as possible.

Working out regularly

Working out regularly can help improve your immune system, shielding you against these parasites.

Going out for a run every day can act as a natural way to avoid parasites.

Cardiovascular activities can increase your stamina and, in turn, your ability to fight parasites natively.

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Final verdict

Many natural remedies are available to eliminate worms in humans without medication. 

There are several foods available that can act like natural dewormers for humans.

Lifestyle changes too help by cleansing your stomach, boosting immunity, and helping combat the worms efficiently.

These changes can help you get rid of worms in humans without medication.

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You should not neglect intestinal worms.

If you experience any symptoms, it is best to visit a doctor.

Not sure if you need medication? 

Check out our Detailed Guide on Worm Medicine for Humans.