How To Get Rid Of Worms And Parasites?

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If you’re looking for information on how to get rid of worms and parasites, you’ve come to the right place.

Intestinal worms and parasites are rampant around the world.

Even though parasites that infect humans are more widespread in developing countries, they also infect people in the United States.

Parasites are more common in children than in adults because of kids’ lousy hygiene and sanitation.

Playing with your pet dog or cat can also lead to these worms creeping into your tummy.

These parasites can also enter your body from drinking contaminated water or eating uncooked meat.

According to the National Library of Medicine, the number of people affected by intestinal worms is three and a half billion.

Four hundred fifty million people, or half of the world’s population, have symptoms. 

Two hundred thousand people die each year due to these parasites.

In this article, we’ll help you understand how to get rid of worms and parasites.

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Medicines to get rid of worms and parasites

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There are various medicines available to cure intestinal parasites.

Although, for most healthcare professionals, the frontrunner is considered Zentel (Albendazole).

Albendazole belongs to the class of drugs known as Anthelmintics.

In layman’s words, anthelmintic is an anti-worm medication.

Zentel (Albendazole) first starves these parasites and cuts off their sugar and starch supply.

After which, parasites get paralyzed and lose their grip on the intestines. 

Therefore, these parasites get flushed out of the body.

If you want to learn more about Zentel and its uses, check out the Most Detailed Guide On Worm Medicines for Humans.

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Other medicines that are also widely used by doctors are Mebendazole and Ivermectin.

Mebendazole is an alternative to Albendazole in some cases.

Ivermectin is a worm medicine usually used to cure diseases caused by the worms instead of the worms themselves.

If you’re unsure which medicine to take, check out our comparison: Mebendazole vs. Albendazole

The dosage will change from parasite to parasite and the severity of the infection.

Before self-medicating, you should check with your doctor.

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Foods you can eat to expel intestinal worms

Certain foods can aid in the eradication of worms.

Raw garlic is widely known to have medicinal properties that help kill intestinal worms.

Beta-carotene-rich fruits and vegetables can also assist in killing and preventing intestinal parasites.

Although most of us consider bacteria health hazards, a sub-section of bacteria is suitable for your gut.

Probiotics contain good bacteria that cleanse your gut of parasites and keep your stomach happy and healthy. 

Prebiotics is food for probiotics. 

Therefore, having a banana (prebiotic) with curd (probiotic) enhances the ability of good bacteria to disinfect your stomach.

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How to avoid worms and parasites altogether

Instead of asking how to get rid of worms and parasites, you should think about avoiding them altogether.

Worms and parasites can readily infect your body if you have direct contact with them.

In terms of immunity, however, you can bring your A-game.

While traveling, you should always drink clean and bottled water to avoid infection via contaminated water.

It would help if you frequently wash your hands, especially after coming in contact with food that might be contaminated, like, for instance, raw meat.

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Another piece of advice would be to restrict your kids or pets from playing in muddy areas. 

Muddy areas are full of parasites and eggs that can easily pass through your mouth and infect your body.

In addition, keep in mind that intestinal parasites thrive in developing countries.

So, if you’re planning a vacation to an underdeveloped or developing country, be cautious and visit a local doctor if there are any symptoms.

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Although there are a variety of ways how you can end up with parasites in your stomach, there’s nothing to worry about.

Either natural dewormers or medicines like Zentel will definitely cure intestinal parasites.

Parasites can cause many health issues, and if you’re facing any of them, visit a doctor.

Zentel medicine is also available in syrup form.

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It’s better to avoid intestinal parasites altogether rather than fight them later. 

Therefore, follow all the tips and tricks mentioned above to avoid intestinal parasites.

Try to include the foods mentioned above in your diet to have a robust immune system.

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