What is Zentel (Albendazole) Used For?

Zentel (Albendazole) belongs to a class of drugs called anthelmintics. Anthelmintics are a group of anti-worm medicines that expel parasitic guests living in your body rent-free.

Zentel’s active ingredient Albendazole got its FDA approval in 1996. 

Albendazole is a subset of Benzimidazole. Benzimidazoles are organic compounds that play a vital role in eliminating parasitic worms from humans and other animals.

This article includes everything you’d want to know about Zentel (Albendazole) and its uses.

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What are intestinal parasites?

Before we get into the details of Zentel (Albendazole), it’s essential to understand why we need it in the first place.

Intestinal parasites are tiny creatures that can create havoc and stay in your tummy for up to 30 years if left untreated.

They feed off of starch and sugar readily available in your body. 

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Many people wonder if they can kill these parasites by keeping a fast and starving the parasites instead of going for medication. 

But, this survival of the fittest challenge will lead you to trouble, not the parasites. Parasites can live without food for way longer than you.

Therefore, going forward with medication will be the only suitable option to kill these intestinal tyrants.

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How can Zentel (Albendazole) help you?

Zentel (Albendazole) can help you eliminate the parasites in your intestines.

It does so by starving these worms of starch and glucose, eventually killing them.

Also, it prevents baby worms from multiplying and stunts their growth. 

Research has proved that Zentel is capable of fighting off several worms, including but not limited to:-

  1. Threadworm
  2. Pinworm
  3. Tapeworm
  4. Roundworm
  5. Whipworm

The medicine starts working two to five hours after intake and could remain in your body for as long as three days.

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How to take Zentel (Albendazole)?

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There are hundreds of types of intestinal worms that may infect people.

Therefore, the dosage depends on the type of parasite and the degree of infection. 

Here are a few sample dosages from Medscape for different types of parasites:

Pork Tapeworm (Neurocysticercosis)

This type of parasite can cause damage to the brain, muscles, and other organs.

The advisable dose for pork tapeworms is:

  1. Weight above 60 kg- 400 mg albendazole tablets taken twice a day for eight to thirty days.
  2. Weight below 60 kg- 15 mg per kg of body weight per day for twenty-eight days. The daily dose should not exceed 800 mg.


Flukeworms can infect organs, especially the liver, causing liver and bile duct disease.

The advised dosage for Flukeworms is 10 mg per kg of body weight every day for seven days.


This type of worm causes itching and irritability in the anal and vaginal regions of the body. 

The recommended dose for Pinworms is 400 mg once and then repeat after two weeks.


These parasites feed off of blood in your intestines. A severe infection of Hookworms can lead to blood loss, which leads to anemia and protein deficiency.

The recommended dose for Hookworms is 400 mg once and then repeat only on your doctor’s advice.

The doses given here are generic and can change depending on the severity of the infection and the type of infection.

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Stool after taking Zentel (Albendazole)

After taking Albendazole, there are a few abnormal changes that you might notice the next time you visit the loo. 

Your stool might contain dead worms, eggs of worms, or sometimes even alive worms. 

As these worms grow, they stick to your intestine and start feeding off the human body. 

Soon after consuming Zentel (Albendazole) tablets, these worms starve and get paralyzed.

Therefore, they can’t stick to the intestine anymore, and we excrete them out of our system.

Be rest assured that these changes are entirely normal and are very common.

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Sometimes, medicines can interact with each other and cause unprecedented problems.

These drug interactions can cause medicines to malfunction and reduce their efficacy.

Interactions between two drugs can also lead to serious side effects.

Keep track of all the medicines(prescription and non-prescription) you consume regularly. 

Convey all the information to your pharmacist or healthcare provider before starting any new medication.

Another essential point to remember is that alcohol also reacts with Zentel and can be harmful to your body if consumed while taking Zentel (Albendazole) tablets.

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Can you cure intestinal parasites without using Zentel?

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Certain foods can potentially aid in the removal of parasites that have taken up residence in your stomach.

Foods rich in beta-carotene can help get rid of intestinal parasites. 

Beta-carotene makes Vitamin A which is beneficial in combatting these intestinal parasites. 

You can also ward off intestinal parasites by eating foods like garlic and papaya seeds.

To learn more about foods that can help eliminate these intestinal freeloaders, check out this comprehensive guide on 7 Foods That Kill Intestinal Parasites in Humans.

Although there is extremely little research in this sector, most of it uses animals as subjects rather than humans.

As a result, it’s vital to seek medical advice before self-medicating or wolfing down any of these foods.

Side effects of Zentel (Albendazole) tablets

Even though Zentel is a guaranteed remedy for intestinal worms, some people may experience some adverse effects after taking it.

The physiology of each individual is unique. As a result, different people react differently to Zentel. 

Some of the most common side effects are listed below:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Temporary hair loss
  • Increased liver enzymes

Aside from these side effects, if your body parts begin to swell or you have trouble breathing, go to the hospital right away.

These are symptoms of a serious allergic response, and you should seek medical help immediately.

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