Can You Take Expired Levitra? Read This For Detailed Analysis

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Written By Julie Ingram
Expired medicines and Levitra

What is the shelf life of ED pills and can you take expired Levitra? Given the dollars you spend to treat your ED, it is a valid question. 

Here is the fact- every medicine expires, and so does Levitra. 

Your packet of Levitra pills comes with this information- the manufacturing and expiry date. 

Still, it can be confusing whether you should consume Levitra past the expiry date. This is because some platforms debate that Levitra never expires. 

However, this does not explain whether you can continue consuming these medicines forever. 

Check out this article to know everything about the expiration of Levitra. But first, let us talk about how medicine can help you. 

Levitra- an elixir for erectile dysfunction treatment

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There is nothing as daunting as being unable to have sex. Especially when it is due to the inability to get an erection when things heat up. 

But worse than embarrassment, erectile dysfunction can seriously damage men’s mental health. 

Therefore, the treatment is inevitable. 

Levitra pill is the best solution available for erectile dysfunction. Tried and tested by thousands of men globally, it works by increasing the blood flow in the penile region. 

The medicine effectively builds erection in men within 30-45 minutes of consumption. 

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Can you take expired Levitra?

The short is- no, you cannot take expired Levitra. 

This is because expired Levitra would be incapable of treating your ED. 

Just like every medication, the ingredients of Levitra lose their potency over time. 

The active salt used in making Levitra is Vardenafil. With time, the chemical functioning of Vardenafil fades. 

Therefore, expired Levitra is unfit for consumption and has its dangers. 

Expired medicines also grow mold and bacteria. This increases the danger of infection.

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Using Levitra after the expiration date? Know the consequences

Levitra is a magical solution for erectile dysfunction. Just a pill can give you a prolonged erection, which is highly satisfying for sexual intercourse.

However, like every medicine, one should not consume Levitra after the expiration date. 

Using Levitra after the expiration date can have consequences on your health. These consequences can be especially severe if bacteria and mold growth over the medicine.

Following are some of the effects of using Levitra after the expiration date-

  • Nausea
  • Stomach sickness and pain
  • Heart attack
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin irritation
  • Itching
  • Vision disorder
  • Muscle pain
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And out of all, the most significant disadvantage is a flaccid penis. The purpose of taking Levitra or any other ED pill is to get an erection so as to have sex. 

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Expired Levitra is not only dangerous but also ineffective. You will be highly disappointed if you pop a pill and sit around waiting for the magic to happen. There will be none. 

So what should you do with expired Levitra that is full of dangers?

Dispose of it. You will definitely not be using Levitra after the expiration date. This means it is time to jettison it. 

But how? There is a certain way of disposing the expired medicines. One can’t just throw them away in the trash. 

Some of the cities have a National Prescription Drug take-back program conducted by The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Once collected, these drugs are sent for disposal by the professionals in a way that the residual doesn’t harm the environment. 

If you have unused ED pills, you can fill out the form for these programs. 

Medicines contain chemicals. Disposing them openly in sewers or flushing them away in toilets can contaminate the natural bodies. 

Physicians write approximately 4 billion prescription medicines in the U.S. alone every year. 1 out of every 3 of these medicines is thrown away. 

Imagine the chemical contamination if all these medicines are openly dumped in the garbage. 

Frequently asked questions about Levitra

How much Levitra is safe to take?

Excess of anything is wrong. In the case of ED pills, it is catastrophic. 

Therefore, do not take more than one pill of Levitra within 24 hours. 

Doing this can worsen the side effects. Also, avoid taking it every day. 

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Is Levitra safe?

Absolutely. Levitra is safe until you stop following the instructions for taking medicine. 

To make sure Levitra is safe for you, only take the dose that your doctor recommends. Also, avoid doing everything that can interact with the medicine or reduce its effect. 

Using Levitra after the expiration date also makes it dangerous. 

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Is Levitra safe for diabetics?

Yes. Levitra is safe for diabetics. In fact, researchers conclude that Levitra is more effective than Viagra for men having diabetes. 

Minor side effects can occur if you choose not to follow the guidelines of consumption. 

Is Levitra safe with high blood pressure?

Yes. Levitra is safe for high blood pressure patients. This is because ED pills are natural vasodilators. They often help in treating hypertension in men. 

In fact, high blood pressure is one of the most common causes of ED. 

Levitra can be a problem among men suffering from low blood pressure. 

The final word

This ED pill is an absolutely safe way to treat your erectile dysfunction. However, if you ask, “can you take expired Levitra?” the answer is straight no. 

Expired Levitra is full of health dangers and, therefore, should be avoided at any cost.