How Long Does Levitra Last? Efficacy and Acting Time of ED Pill

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Levitra is a highly effective way to treat erectile dysfunction. If you plan to try it yourself, you may have the question, “How does it work, and how long does Levitra last?”

Well, continue reading to find out how the efficiency and acting time of Levitra.

An antidote to men’s nightmare!

Nothing is as embarrassing as having a flaccid penis while making love with your partner. 

Sexual intimacy is a necessity for a long-lasting and happy relationship. Therefore, erectile dysfunction can ruin it for real. 

It can often give rise to depression and anxiety in men while harming their self-esteem and confidence. 

ED can threaten an individual’s personal and professional growth while also giving rise to other diseases.

Needless to say, treating erectile dysfunction is imperative.

This is where this ED pill helps. 

A single pill of Levitra can help sustain an erection for hours. 

This ED pill can be purchased online or from a pharmacy near you. 

Here is everything to know about the effect and longevity of this ED pill Levitra.

Levitra- a sure shot cure for erectile dysfunction

The inability to achieve and maintain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse is called erectile dysfunction. 

This disease has been troubling millions of men worldwide. 

Often, erectile dysfunction is caused due to severe underlying condition. In this case, ED is a symptom. 

It is also caused due to irregular flow of blood in the body. 

However, depression, anxiety, and stress can sometimes lead to erectile dysfunction. When the condition’s cause is psychological, finding the cure can be tricky. 

How does Levitra work?

Levitra falls under the category of PDE5 inhibitor drugs. These drugs are primarily used to cure erectile dysfunction by boosting blood circulation. 

Levitra works by blocking phosphodiesterase enzymes in the body. 

This leads to an increase in the production of cGMP that relaxes the soft muscles in the penis. 

As these soft muscles relax, blood flow in the penile tissues increases, making the penis erect. 

About the potency of Levitra

ED pills do not develop an erection instantly upon consumption. 

Once you take the Levitra pill, it will take 30-40 minutes to kick in. 

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Levitra pill can help a man achieve an erection for 5-6 hours from consumption. 

In some cases, its effects can last longer. 

However, certain factors that affect the longevity of Levitra- 

  • Age- The speed and strength of metabolism decrease with age. Fast metabolism quickly condenses the medicine. This is the reason why Levitra lasts longer for older people.
  • Diet- How long Levitra lasts directly depends on the type of food consumed. One should strictly avoid fatty meals with ED pills. It inhibits the functioning of metabolism.

    Alcohol, too, affects the longevity of the ED pill. Spirits can divert the flow of blood away from the penis and worsen the side effects. 
  • Dose- It is available in different doses. The higher the dose, the longer the results last. However, one should consult a doctor to decide the suitable dose of ED pills. Do not self-medicate.
  • Medical conditions- If you are suffering from a disease, it can affect the longevity of Levitra’s work. Cardiovascular disease, kidney disorders, pulmonary diseases, hypertension, etc., can reduce the efficacy of Levitra.
  • Mental health- Depression, anxiety, stress, or performance anxiety can reduce the effectiveness of Levitra. Nervousness before sex can also be the reason why ED pills might not work for you. 
Couple romancing in bed after taking Levitra
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How to make Levitra work best for you?

Yes, some factors determine how long Levitra lasts. But there are also ways to increase its efficacy manifold. 

Take the following measures that make Levitra work best for you-

1. Eat the right food. Or maybe, don’t eat before taking Levitra
2. Stimulate yourself. Arousal is essential
3. Lifestyle changes
4. Take the correct dose

Read about them below in detail.

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Eat the right food. Or maybe, don’t eat!

We begin with the most important and the simplest way to make Levitra work the best for you. 

Avoid any food item that is rich in fat. 

If you plan to eat steaks or a pizza right before taking Levitra, the medicine might not work for you. 

Don’t increase the work for your metabolism. Else, it will inhibit the efficacy of the medicine. 

Stimulate yourself. Arousal is essential

One of the most common myths is that ED pills do the work on their own. 

For Levitra or any ED pill to show effect, it is essential to stimulate the penis. Physical stimulation is essential to send the brain a message. 

Once the brain receives the message, it directs the blood flow in the penile region. 

Arousal, too, is essential for Levitra to work the best for you. 

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Lifestyle changes

The benefits of working out are many. Half an hour of exercise every day can save you big time from the wrath of ED. 

For patients with cardiovascular diseases, it was found that a quick workout before taking an ED pill can significantly reduce the side effects. 

It also helps build stamina, thus assisting the medicine to last longer. 

Take the correct dose

If Levitra pills are not working for you, you might want to increase the dose strength. 

In minor cases of erectile dysfunction, small doses like Levitra 5 mg and 10 mg can work. 

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However, severe cases of ED require a more potent dose. 

But it should be a doctor who decides the correct dosage of Levitra for you. 

Tell your doctor about your medical history, current medication regime, and health disorders, if any.