Tazarotene vs Tretinoin: Which Is Right For Your Skin

Tazarotene vs Tretinoin

Tazarotene and Tretinoin are prescription anti-aging and anti-acne medicines available in lotions, creams, and gels.  They treat various skin disorders, including acne and sun-induced skin aging signs (such as wrinkles and uneven spots on your face). Tazarotene is also potent in treating Psoriasis. Different brands and strengths are approved for different uses, so verify the … Read more

Tretinoin vs Adapalene: Which One Works Better? 

Tretinoin vs Adapalene

Adapalene (also known as Differin) and Tretinoin (commonly known as Retinoic acid) are both effective acne treatments. Tretinoin also prevents premature skin aging.  If acne is your primary concern and you wish to encounter less irritation, your doctor may recommend you use Adapalene. On the other hand, Tretinoin may be prescribed to improve your skin’s … Read more