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Cernos Gel 1%w/v includes testosterone, which is classified as an androgen. It is beneficial to those who do not have enough testosterone in their bodies. When the body’s testosterone levels are low, supplements are needed to meet the requirement. Cernos Gel 1%w/v can help increase the testosterone levels that have been depleted. Although testosterone is primarily a male sex hormone, it is also necessary for the development of female sexual organs. Cernos Gel 1%w/v is manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals, an Indian pharmaceutical firm. It is available in a 5 mg dosage that contains 1% testosterone by weight. Always consult your doctor about where the gel should be used; do not use it anywhere on the body, without consulting your doctor.


About Cernos Gel 1%w/w

This Gel can treat men with low testosterone levels. 

Male Hypogonadism can result from low testosterone levels.

It helps men’s bodies recover their natural levels of Testosterone.

Sun Pharmaceutical manufactures Cernos Gel 1%.

Cernos Gel Uses 

You can treat male Hypogonadism with prescription-based medications like Cernos gel. 

A low amount of Testosterone can cause a decrease in libido or sex drive.

Male Hypogonadism may eventually lead to Erectile Dysfunction, infertility, and male pattern hair loss.

Our bodies can get the desired Testosterone they require from Cernos gel.

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Working of Cernos Gel 1% w/w

Cernos gel, as already mentioned, resembles the hormone testosterone. It is the sex hormone for men.

10 mg of Testosterone is the main active ingredient in this 1% dose.

It works by raising the amount of Testosterone in men.

Low Testosterone can result in various health issues, such as impotence, infertility, decreased sex desire, tiredness, depression, and bone loss.

According to the doctor’s instructions, Cernos gel can be used to treat any of these issues.

Cernos Gel with Testosterone

Cernos Gel dosage

Your doctor will give instructions on how to use the drug, as this medicine is usually applied to the skin.

Start or stop using the gel with your doctor’s approval. You must read the label before using it.

Typically, before applying the gel, you should clean and dry the area.

Apply the gel to your shoulders, upper arms, and abdomen.

Applying this gel to your chest, back, or genitalia is not recommended. 

Applying too much product may cause skin irritation.

Cover the area where the product has been applied.

Immediately after using the product, wash your hands. Avoid using this gel when you are visiting the beach.

Cernos gel side effects

Some side effects from this gel are as follows:

  • Change in libido 
  • Hair loss.
  • Weight gain
  • Headache 
  • Elevated cholesterol levels
  • Dry mouth or change in taste
  • Acne 


The active ingredients present in the gel might interact with some diseases, drugs, and food items. Thus, you should use this medication with caution.

Drug Interactions

Before taking the gel, you must discuss your medical history and medication usage with your doctor.

Drugs, including

  • Corticosteroids
  • Anticoagulants ( blood thinners)

Have demonstrated interactions with the Cernos’ active component.

Disease Interactions

No disease has interacted with Testosterone. However, it would be preferable if you always disclosed any medical history to your doctor in advance.

Food interactions

This gel has not been found to interact with any foods, but we nevertheless advise you to take:

  • Grains, beans, and other zinc-rich meals.
  • Testosterone-rich foods include tuna, egg yolk, and beans.

You may maintain healthy levels of Testosterone by following a healthy lifestyle, sleep schedule, nutrition, and frequent exercise.


Although the gel does not affect your driving ability, you should drive cautiously if experiencing any side effects.

Women are not allowed to use this gel unless they have a prescription from their doctor.

Expectant mothers should strictly avoid Cernos because it can complicate pregnancy.


This gel needs to be stored in a consistently cool, dry atmosphere.

Always keep this medication out of the reach of children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cernos gel safe?

It is safe for use. It helps men with low testosterone levels and can be treated with Cernos Gel, a medical gel.

What is the use of Cernos gel?

Low testosterone levels in men can cause Hypogonadism.

The Gel from Sun Pharma is used to treat it. Only doctors can prescribe it.

What does Testosterone gel such as Cernos do?

The Gel can treat men with low testosterone levels. 

Male Hypogonadism can result from low testosterone levels.

Can females use Cernos gel? 

The hormone testosterone is present in traces in a woman’s body.

In situations like breast cancer and IVF treatment, testosterone gel like Cernos can be recommended.

As a woman, make sure you never use this gel without your doctor’s permission.

What is the dosage of Cernos gel?

Apply it once a day. Although, it is essential to adhere to the doctor’s suggested dosage.

Where should Testosterone gel be applied?

As previously stated, the upper arms, belly, and shoulder should be the only places where testosterone gel is applied.

Apply only where your doctor instructs; do not go against their advice.

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Testosterone Gel



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14, 28, 42, 64


Sun Pharma

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    Cernos gel is a lifesaver, but be prepared for some skin irritation in the starting days

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