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Bigomet 500 mg is a medication used to treat type II diabetes. Type II Diabetes Mellitus is a condition in which your blood sugar levels are higher than usual, causing damage to many organs in your body. Bigomet 500 mg contains the active salt Metformin Hydrochloride. This salt helps in reducing both hepatic glucose production and intestinal glucose absorption. It also improves the body’s insulin sensitivity. This medicine can be taken with or without meals. Aristo Pharmaceuticals manufactures and sells Bigomet 500 all around the world. Do not self-medicate or make medical decisions on your own. It is always best to see a doctor before starting or stopping this medicine.


About Bigomet 500 Mg

Bigomet 500 mg is a prescribed treatment for Type 2 Diabetes.

It uses FDA-approved Metformin as the active ingredient.  

The medicine acts to lower blood sugar levels and treat other diabetes-related symptoms. 

Aristo Pharmaceuticals specializes in manufacturing this medicine.

Bigomet 500 mg Uses

Bigomet contains a Biguanide drug Metformin as its active ingredient. 

The biguanides drug works to reduce blood sugar levels. Bigomet 500 helps treat Type 2 Diabetes, also known as Diabetes Mellitus. 

It is a health condition due to excessive blood sugar levels in the body. It decreases insulin production, which is responsible for the conversion of glucose from the food taken into the form of energy. 

Bigomet is used to reduce blood glucose levels in people with type 2 diabetes, both adults and children.

The active salt of the medicine, Metformin, is also used to treat Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS in women.

How does Bigomet 500 mg work?

Bigomet 500 mg is an anti-diabetic medicine.

The salt Metformin acts by lowering the amount of glucose absorbed from the intestines. Hence, improving insulin sensitivity by decreasing the glucose production in the liver. 

It raises the body’s insulin sensitivity and keeps the body’s sugar level regulated.

The medicine acts by

  • Decreasing hepatic glucose production
  • Reducing intestinal absorption of glucose
  • Increasing the peripheral uptake and utilization of glucose

Bigomet 500 Mg with Metformin


Bigomet 500 mg is a prescription-based medicine.

You should not consume the pill on an empty stomach. It might cause nausea and abdominal ache.

Even if you miss a dose, abstain from taking a double dose simultaneously.

Side Effects

Although Bigomet 500 mg is a safe medicine, it might cause mild side effects like, 

  • Nausea
  • Flatulence
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea


Drug Interactions

Bigomet 500 mg can react with other drugs and show side effects. Consult your physician before taking 500 mg Bigomet

  • Ketotifen
  • Amiloride
  • Beclometasone
  • Betamethasone

Disease Interactions

It is advisable to seek your doctor’s suggestions before consuming Bigomet 500 mg if you are suffering from any of the following diseases:

  • Heart disease
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency
  • Kidney disease

Food Interaction

It is recommended that you avoid alcohol alongside consuming Bigomet 500 mg tablets.


  • Avoid taking the drug if you allergic to Metformin
  • Take dose according to your doctor’s prescription


Bigomet 500 mg should be stored in a cool and dry space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bigomet 500 mg Tablet cause weight loss?

Yes, Bigomet 500 mg Tablets can cause weight loss. 

In those who are obese or overweight and at risk for Diabetes, it can also result in a little weight loss.

Patients who are insulin sensitive or resistant may also experience weight loss.

However, you shouldn’t begin using this medication for weight loss on your own. 

Can a Bigomet 500 mg Tablet make you sleepy?

Bigomet 500 Tablet does not make people feel tired or sleepy.

However, rarely, Bigomet 500 may result in Insomnia and other sleep-related problems. Consult your doctor if you experience fatigue or sleepiness while using Bigomet 500 Tablet.

What are the benefits of taking a Bigomet 500 Tablet?

Bigomet 500 mg tablet helps in controlling blood sugar levels.

It reduces the quantity of glucose the liver produces and the amount the intestines absorb. Bigomet 500 Tablet rarely lowers blood sugar levels when taken alone because it stops the pancreas from producing additional insulin.

How do you take Bigomet?

Bigomet 500 should be taken with food to avoid nausea and abdominal pain. You should take it daily to get the most benefits. 

Do not stop taking medicine until your doctor advises you to. 

Does Metformin reduce belly fat?

Metformin has no clinically effective effect on visceral fat mass reduction. However, it does improve lipids. 

This experiment adds to the increasing data that Metformin is not a weight reduction medication.

Can we take Bigomet in pregnancy?

Bigomet is considered safe to take during pregnancy. But, consult your doctor before taking medicine to avoid any undesired effects.

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